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Water damaged drywall

The attorneys at LoCoco Smith have been representing hotel owners for nearly 15 years. Our extensive experience in this area can help guide hotel owners in implementing an inspection program and analyzing previous maintenance records to spot potential problems caused by substandard construction. If we find a pattern of problems consistent with faulty construction work or components, then we will assemble a team of highly experienced experts to view and test the areas of concern. The information they gather will be the basis for their expert conclusions as to causation and will form the basis of your claim against the contractor.

Faulty tile floor

If your hotel was built or remodeled in the last 10 years, and you are seeing any signs of construction defects, including the following, you may be entitled to repairs:

  • window, roof or plumbing leaks
  • mold
  • stucco cracks
  • drywall cracks
  • poor drainage
  • foundation issues
  • HVAC problems
Water damaged ceiling

Just like homeowners, hotel owners are entitled to be compensated by the General Contractor for defective construction in their buildings. One unique aspect of representing hotel owners with construction defects is building maintenance. It is not uncommon for hotels to be so engaged in maintaining the property that they fail to look deeper at what construction deficiency could be causing the problem.