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Missing counter tile

The attorneys at LoCoco Smith feel strongly about being advocates for the preservation of property rights. There are several valid reasons why a homeowner would want to hire us to help them resolve construction problems with the builder of their home. We hear comments from homeowners such as:

  • They have tried to resolve construction issues directly with the builder but are not satisfied with the response.
  • The builder will stop contacting them when their one year warranty has expired even though there are still repairs to be made.
  • They were not aware that they could recover money from the developer up to ten years after the date their home was completed.
  • They become aware that their neighbors' homes are having the same types of problems.
  • They have been told the problems they are having are ‘normal’ and nothing can be done.
  • They are not the original owner so they did not know they could sue the developer.
Cracked Driveway

We have been providing homeowners with proper and aggressive legal representation all over California for more than 20 years. In addition to our legal expertise in the area of construction defect law, we also build an experienced team of professional experts to assist us in the prosecution of your claim. There are time limits within which homeowners may bring an action against the builder of their home, so if you suspect construction problems, you should not hesitate to contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.