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For over 20 years, attorneys at LoCoco Smith have been protecting the rights of commercial building owners and homeowners against shoddy construction practices. Our firm has successfully resolved hundreds of construction defect matters. We provide personal attention to our clients—from pre-litigation investigations through final resolution.


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cracked floor tile

The attorneys at LoCoco Smith have handled almost every kind of construction defect case, including those involving commercial buildings. Just like in the construction of single family homes, contractors are required to follow minimum requirements of the building codes and manufacturers' installation recommendations.



cracked stucco around window frame

There are several valid reasons why a homeowner would want to hire us to help them resolve construction problems with the builder of their home... We have been providing homeowners with a proper and aggressive legal representation all over California for more than 20 years. In addition to our legal expertise...



mold and mildew under tile

The attorneys at LoCoco Smith have been representing hotel owners for nearly 15 years. Our extensive experience in this area can help guide hotel owners in implementing an inspection program and analyzing previous maintenance records to spot potential problems caused by substandard construction.